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Ruben Martinez Orio  (percussionist) - Helene Bracke (mezzo soprano, actor) - Daan Verlaan (harpist, tenor) - Dorine De Keyser (flutist) - Inez Verhille (choreographer, dancer) - Hans Vercauteren & Lente Verelst  (composers) - Sarah Verhulst (coach) - Lars Erik Lindén (scenography)

We stellen je graag op regelmatige basis voor aan een van de artiesten voor Babelut Parcours IGLO! Ditmaal zetten we Hans Vercauteren in kijker.

Hans is componist en dirigent.
Hij heeft voor Babelut Parcours IGLO een unieke compositie geschreven die je doorheen heel het parcours zal begeleiden en verwonderen …

Artist in the spotlight

On a regular basis, we would like to introduce you to one of the artists of Babelut Parcours IGLO! This time we put Lente Verelst in the spotlight.

Lente Verelst is a composer and has already written music for a variety of projects, working with other art forms. She has already written music for dance performances, short films, animations and an opera. Her most recent project was the music for Cat Watson's short film Dance of the Porcelain Demons. For Babelut Parcours IGLO she worked with hans on the common thread throughout the entire trail: the composition.


Dorine De Keyser is a flute player and will also play the flute during Babelut Parcours IGLO. Dorine has played solo several times with the Royal Music Association Neanias in Beverlo, directed by Bert Minten. Since 2013 she has also been a flute teacher at the Haspengouw academy AH Podium.

“For me, Babelut Parcours is special because the age of the target group is so unique.”

Ruben Martinez Orio has been performing in venues and festivals such as Biennale di Venezia, MaerzMusik Berlin, Opéra de Paris, Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk, SPOR festival in Aarhus, OSTRAVA days, and MIXTUR festival in Barcelona. He is an invited teacher for rhythm workshops at PARTS, ROSAS dance school.


“We already know that music is not an universal language: it is more of a social language where every part of the world plays different kinds of music and it it defined with very different kinds of codes. But there is something universal in sounds. As an example: if I hear thunder I am afraid. Working around music with really young children is extra interesting for me because they don’t have any filter. They are like an empty canvas. They are born some months ago and they don’t have the (social) codes around music that we have.”


Sarah Verhulst is a pianist and singer. She has 26 years of experience working with young children, develops new concepts, concerts and workshops for this target group. She regularly provides continuing education and training to young musicians, in pre-primary and primary education and daycare centers as well as to parents with their children. She is responsible for coaching the artists of Babelut Parcours IGLO.

“For me, Babelut Parcours is special because it finally regards the little ones as fully-fledged participants in society. Babies, toddlers and preschool children have the same right to art and culture. Young children are so musical that it is a shame if we don't develop anything for them.”

Ines Verhille works as a freelance dancer (for, a.o. Tuur Marinus and Nat Gras), dance teacher (for, a.o. Muda, Mooss) and supervises creative processes at home and abroad. She is also working as a yoga teacher. Inez takes on the dance and choreography of Babelut Parcours IGLO.

© Clara Hermans

“I find it a challenge to create something which can stimulate babies as well as toddlers and preschoolers. A large age range like that is not easy, but also provides many opportunities. For me as a dancer, it is also very special to make a piece that originates from music. Normally I start from a story or idea.”


Hans Vercauteren is a composer and conductor. He has previously conducted The Turn of the Screw by Britten on behalf of the Ghent Conservatory, Sweeney Todd from Sondheim, Elias from Mendelssohn and Dido & Aeneas from Purcell. Hans mainly writes orchestral works and music theater, but also children's songs. Together with Lente, he wrote a unique composition especially for Babelut Parcours IGLO that will guide and amaze you throughout the trail.

Daan Verlaan is a Dutch composer, singer and harpist. Music pieces by Daan have already been played by the Asko Ensemble, the Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Dutch Student Chamber Choir and Holland Symfonia, among others. During the course Daan will surprise you with singing and harp in our cosy IGLO.


“I find it very fun that I’m able to show different sides of myself: I’m a singer and harpist, but I may also act and dance in Babelut Parcours IGLO.”


Helene Bracke is a mezzosporan and actress. She already sang productions in cooperation with Opera Vlaanderen, Flanders Festival, I solisiti del vento, and many others. In addition to performing, Helene also creates theatrical performances such as Donna Diva & the Operational time machine (2017), an opera performance for children from 8 years. The friendly voice of helene will also welcome you to our IGLO.

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